A Year in Review at CoWork Street

As I look back on 2018 and CoWork Street, this has been a great year. I’ve achieved multiple goals set at the top of the year and I’m grateful. Here’s a quick list of CoWork’s accomplishments:

  • Dedicated Space to Full Capacity
  • Start Blogging
  • Establish Social Media Presence
  • Provide Event Space for Micro businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Create and Facilitate Educational Workshops
  • Host Community Events

Conceived as a way to serve the local community, CoWork Street is committed to “paying it forward” to local non-profit businesses and organizations by offering discounted and donated space to meet or host an event.

Local business owners use CoWork Street as a space to interview local candidates for job openings. Job-seekers can also benefit from hosted events related to interview preparedness and employment readiness training. Pictured: Newly recruited hires at Atlantic Infra, August 2018


A regularly occurring event at CoWork Street is our Real Estate Workshop. Hosted twice a month, these workshops focus on investing, purchasing, and financing for both commercial and residential real estate.

The versatile and spacious Community room is a great way to get people together! Pictured: Business presentation on urban farming in Camden, May 2018

CoWork Street can also be utilized for entertainment and recreational purposes. Throughout the year, our space is used by various local artists, mentors, and hobbyists as an event venue. From beginner’s yoga sessions to children’s book readings, CoWork Street has been used for workshops, classes, and seminars. Pictured: Spoken Word & Music Jam, September 2018.

I am excited, hopeful and determined to prosper in this upcoming year. I am looking forward to new collaborations, community involvement and steady growth. Happy Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year and n 2019!


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