Center for Family Services in Camden Spotlights CoWork Street, Inc.

Let me begin by thanking the Center For Family Services for highlighting CoWork Street in their April blog.

Why CoWorking and Why CoWork Street

There is something infectious about the vibe created in coworking spaces and CoWork Street specifically.

Prior to opening CoWork Street, I moved my Human Resources consulting business to Camden looking to throw myself into building a consulting practice in the City.  Exhausted from the constant hustle and isolation of a sole proprietor business- I yearned for the community and collaboration aspect of working in-house (traditional employment).

Before the “light bulb” moment of opening my own coworking space, I spent an enormous amount of time researching, visiting and working in various spaces in South Jersey and Philadelphia.

During my visits, I noticed there were not a lot of folks that looked like me or not fully living in the truth of being a “sole proprietor or “micro” business.  Although the positive feeling of owning a business was prevalent, It became a struggle to find a coworking environment in which I could connect.

So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to create a space in Camden where folks, especially entrepreneurs of color, at various stages of start-up or scale-up, would feel comfortable and with a sense of community to grow a business.

CoWork Street provides shared office space and an environment that encourages organic collaboration. The shared office space also provides the benefit of others to bounce ideas off of each other.  We are a constant thread of productiveness, support, and positivity in the space.

An additional outcome is our member clients often receive superior results because our members partner and work together on projects.  The members offer various skill sets and focus which provides the best and affordable client solutions.

Again, Why Camden?

As most will recognize, Camden City  is in a huge period of growth which while awesome, still has to figure out how it’s going to grow in a way that’s equitable and allows all entrepreneurs and micro businesses to really grow and thrive in this city.”  CoWork Street vision is to work with locals and entrepreneurs to help build their business infrastructure to help ensure opportunity readiness.  CoWork Street also aims to highlight the local and minority talent of entrepreneurs who are currently in Camden. We want to illustrate to the city and newly minted larger organizations how to make us feel valued, financial and socially viable and collective partners in the growth of Camden.  For Camden to rise, we must all rise.

My dream for CoWork Street, Inc. is to be a valuable resource and contributor to the roadmap of how cities like Camden can grow through intertwining the current fabric with the new; still beautiful and strong.

Come by for coffee and a tour. There is always something happening or somebody celebrating a win (big and small).

CoWork Street


227 Market Street, Suites B & C, Camden NJ 08102

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